My Journey: From Rock Bottom to Culinary Entrepreneur

In life, we often encounter obstacles that put our resilience and determination to the test. My story is a testament to how one can rise from the depths of despair to create something truly remarkable. Join me as I share my personal journey, marked by struggles, unwavering determination, and a burning passion for the culinary arts. Discover how I transformed my life and established successful ventures, including the groundbreaking Amaze App.

A Tale of Redemption:

Four years ago, I was trapped in a destructive lifestyle. I battled addiction, homelessness, and the devastating loss of my brother to suicide. It was a breaking point for me. Determined to turn my life around, I sought guidance from celebrity chef Dominique Rizzo. With her support, I embarked on a path of recovery and self-discovery.

The Pursuit of Culinary Excellence:

My journey was not without its share of setbacks. A short-lived job opportunity in Norfolk Island taught me the importance of being in the right mindset. Returning to Melbourne, I realized my true calling lay in disrupting the hospitality industry. I wanted to create a platform that empowered chefs, enabling them to escape the underpaid and undervalued industry. Thus, the idea of a private chef service took shape.

Overcoming Challenges:

Just as I was preparing to launch my culinary venture, the world was hit by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. The events industry, upon which I relied heavily, was severely impacted. However, amid the chaos, I saw an opportunity for innovation. Recognizing the demand for online food services, I swiftly adjusted my plans and introduced The Cheesecake Man, an online cheesecake delivery business. Despite the challenges, it gained momentum and culminated in a successful COVID-safe online launch party, attended by over 2000 guests.

The Birth of Amaze App:

Inspired by the success of The Cheesecake Man, my entrepreneurial spirit soared. Throughout the pandemic, I saved diligently, living a modest lifestyle. I realized that I could make an even greater impact on the culinary industry. As soon as the end of COVID-19 restrictions was announced by Dan Andrews, I sprang into action. I launched Amaze App, a revolutionary platform connecting talented chefs with eager clients.

A Community of Culinary Excellence:

Today, Amaze App boasts a thriving community of over 35 chefs, including a few celebrities. Within just two years, we have successfully catered to more than 500 events. Beyond our core services, the platform provides opportunities for other businesses to advertise, raising over $200,000 for charity partners such as the Soup Bus in Ballarat, the Business of Smiles, and the Reach Foundation. My unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact is evident in my support for local suppliers, talented chefs, and charitable organizations.

My journey from rock bottom to culinary entrepreneur is a testament to resilience and determination. Through personal struggles and the challenges imposed by a global pandemic, I have built successful ventures and fostered a community of culinary excellence. As I continue to make waves in the industry I love, my dedication to cooking amazing food, supporting local talent, and giving back to the community remains unwavering. Thank you for being a part of my remarkable journey. Together, we will create an even brighter future.