About us

Welcome to AmazeApp, the simply amazing way to search private chefs for your special event.

Want to have an AMAZE-ing dining experience with Melbourne’s best chefs?

Hand picked from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, cafes and catering companies.

Our mission at AmazeApp is to connect people through food. Our chefs, our suppliers, and even YOU will all be part of the experience. When you book with us, you get more than just dinner. Our chefs will take you on a journey with them. You will learn about the produce they use, the history of the cuisine, and some stories of their time as chefs. This is more than just a dining experience… This is AmazeApp. 

Our private chefs have their own curated menu based on their style and experience but the choice is all yours. We can develop a menu to tantalise your taste buds. Once you have confirmed your chef, just sit back and enjoy the experience. They will not only provide the finest produce on offer and cook an incredible meal but also share their food choices and techniques with you and your guests. This will take you on a culinary journey.


So far we have over 100 chefs registered on the platform and have served over 2000 customers during the pre-launch phase of this app. Let us find you the right chef for the perfect experience and take you on this culinary adventure.

About Justin Summersgill

Justin Summersgill (AKA The Cheesecake Man) was born in Ballarat in 1993. Growing up, he always had a passion for food, spending countless hours in the kitchen learning from his mother, Leonie. After graduating high school, he ventured onto Uni to pursue a career in Veterinary Science, however, his passion lay in hospitality. After the first year of university, he dropped out and moved to Tasmania to pursue a career as a chef. Completing his training at The House of Anvers in both commercial cookery and patisserie, he ventured into the private chef sector and launched his first business. This business he successfully ran for 7 years. That was the beginning of the idea of AmazeApp.

After moving back to Melbourne in 2017, Justin worked several hospitality jobs but gradually (like many chefs) lost his passion for the industry due to unfavourable working conditions and low pay. When COVID began, Justin launched The Cheesecake Man, an online delivery service of sweets that became the talk of business in Melbourne. Despite the challenges of COVID, that business did quite well and continues to operate in Windsor, Victoria. With lockdowns ending and events beginning (coupled with many chefs wanting change) Justin saw an opportunity to finally launch AmazeApp. A business that would disrupt the hospitality industry and assist chefs with starting their own private catering business.

Thanks for being a part of the journey, and I look forward to cooking for you soon.
Stay sweet

Additional Services We Provide

We don't just provide chefs; we have a range of other vendors that can assist in making your event simply amazing.

The Ultimate Cocktail Experience

Want to accompany your dining experience with amazing cocktails? Our bartenders are on call to create an amazing night to remember. They can provide classic cocktails as well as unique creations based on your flavour profile.

Photography/ Videography

Want to remember this experience for years to come? We can provide a team to take professional photos and images for you to remember the experience.

Limo And Luxury Car Transport

Want your guests to arrive in style, or need a lift around Melbourne to enjoy the post-event nightlife? We can source the right transportation for you and your guests.

Other Entertainment

We can also provide belly dancers, DJs, musicians, and a range of other entertainment to provide the complete night of entertainment.